Wrap Your Head Around This

It is in my genes


Have you seen me lately?

shaped, molded, light, repeat

Surely there has been a glimpse of me floating care-free

I don't even remember when you used me

Is it because I am made to last for more than an eternity?

Basically you couldn't biodegrade me

You can never deny me

We are connected so much you could find traces of me in your body

I'm also alive in beyond any landfill, lake or river

Reuniting with cousins and chemically accumulating each other

Travelling so far and wide I can be found in the most remote area

I am more than just your ordinary litter

On the food chain we are the top chain-er

You can find us lurking in every sea, city or town

In every corner of the world, I'm renowned

I'm famous, I'm expensive

I'm beyond invasive

As I remain indisposed

I will be the future-past that everyone wishes not to know.



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